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10 Impressive Weekend Home Improvements

June 29, 2017
Ken Adams

Want to transform the look and function of your home? It doesn’t need to cost a fortune or even require much time. There are hundreds of home improvements you can make to update your home over a weekend, from upgrading home security to giving your bathroom a much-needed makeover. Here are 10 impressive home improvement projects you can wrap up this weekend. 

Add halogen track lighting Need more task lighting in the kitchen or bathroom? Track lighting is practical and easy to install on your own. Most track lighting systems work on household voltage so you can connect it directly to an existing junction box in your ceiling. It can take as little as one hour to install track lighting with kits that start at around $150. 

Minor bathroom update Does your bathroom show its age? Give your bathroom a breath of fresh air with a few easy renovations. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, especially if you have a vanity that’s in good shape but not your taste. Easy ideas for updating your bathroom include: Paint an old vanity to freshen it up Replace cabinet hardware Replace old fixtures Update the mirror by adding a frame Add wallpaper to one wall as an accent 

Install a new granite countertop Improve kitchen storage with rollouts A rollout is an easy upgrade you can make to your kitchen storage and something you will appreciate every day. A rollout maximizes space in your cabinets by allowing you to quickly access items in the back of your cabinets. Make sure you measure your opening and cabinets carefully and order the right size of rollout for a fast, simple installation. Most rollout kits can be mounted to existing shelves with a few screws. 

Freshen your front door Your front door is your home’s smile, so make sure it’s looking its best. A fresh coat of bright paint can do wonders for cheering up a gloomy entry while new hardware can give your front door an easy facelift. You can also improve the approach to the entry by adding a border of bricks along the walkway that are set in a trench with sand. 

Step up your home security Technology has come a long way. Home security cameras are no longer the ugly gray blocks mounted to your wall that you may envision; instead, a home security system can be aesthetic and understated while incorporating wireless technology to keep an eye on what matters most, even from your smartphone on vacation or while you’re at work. A home security camera at your front door allows you to make sure the kids got home safely, check who is knocking on the door, and monitor activity outside of your home. While some security systems can be installed yourself, professional security system installation is typically cost-effective. 

Install a backsplash A backsplash can make a big statement in your kitchen while protecting your walls and making cleanup a bit easier. You don’t need to opt for an expensive and time-consuming tile blacksplash: try easy, DIY options like wallpaper, tin tiles, or peel-and-stick subway tiles. 

Add a flagstone outdoor patio Wish you had more outdoor living space? With flagstone, you can build an outdoor patio in a weekend without mortar. Excavate the area to at least six inches for drainage then add a base material like crushed limestone or gravel to keep the patio from shifting. Tamp down the base then add two inches of builder’s sand with a rake. Install some edging and add your flagstones over the sand, keeping the pieces close together for a cohesive look or farther apart if you want to add ground cover. Fill spaces with sand and enjoy! 

Replace your kitchen faucet A beautiful faucet can be the centerpiece of your kitchen. You spend a lot of time at your kitchen sink, so why not make it a more enjoyable task with a gorgeous wall-mounted sink, a commercialstyle faucet to make a statement, or a touchless faucet to make life cleaner and easier. Create a hidden charging station Want to declutter your home? 

Turn a drawer into a simple but effective charging station. Outfit a drawer with a divided drawer organizer and a power strip to serve as a charging dock and organizer. Drill a hole in the back of the drawer for cords and you’re all set. 

Upgrade your laundry station Doing the laundry doesn’t need to be an unpleasant chore if you have the right setup. If your laundry room is lacking storage and workspace, a quick trip to a home improvement store and a few hours is all you need to fix the problem. Purchase a stock countertop and caps then assemble do-it-yourself shelving to support it. Hang utility wall cabinets over your counters to store your cleaning supplies and add an adjustable rod for hanging clothes. For better lighting, go with 90-plus CRI fluorescent bulbs and a four-bulb fixture to better see what you’re doing.

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